Thursday, 17 January 2013

Gothic valentine gift.

 I found this really sweet little heart shaped mirror compact in a pound store..... and thought it would make a lovely little valentine gift for the little goth girl in my life..... to check that her lip gloss  looks perfect.
 I removed the picture from the top quite easily. Stamped my heart image onto red card using black versa-mark. Used diamond glaze to adhere it to the metal and built up a good thick coating covering the image.
Whilst the glaze was still wet i added tiny red nail gem hearts and black gems around the edge.
Very cheap.... very simple...and very quick...if you dont count the drying time for the diamond glaze.
                                                                    STAMP USED
                                                        GOTHIC HEART CP Q533


Jetske said...

A real beauty! Just like your little goth girl I guess....
I can see her using it, in my mind.

petpan said...

What a beautiful hart you made.
Very ghotic.
Greetings Wendy.

Ineke said...

I love it.

Saskia said...

Great idea, makes for a very unique present!

Bea said...


Ally White Cat said...

Too classic you rock! This is beautiful!