Monday, 24 June 2013

Summer flower ATC's

Good morning.... its the 1st Monday of Summer and i have a couple of Summer flower ATC's to share.

With skulls of cause..... these skulls are 9x images fussy cut, layered with silicone
then dipped in my melting pot.
I hope now that summer is officially here ,we in the UK actually get some much needed sunshine.



petpan said...

The skull looks real beween the flowers.
I would never thougt using the skulls this way.
Wonderfull card.

mark gould said...

Im in love with these xx

Ally White Cat said...

oh wow this is fab! love the flowers the colors are perfect. wonderful job!
susan s

butterfly said...

Wow - they are so amazing!
Alison x

Jetske said...

Dipping the layered skulls in your melting pot gives them a real 3D look, as well as the right colour. A very good idea!
I hope you will get a real summer, and not just you but all of us.

Ineke said...

Oh wauw never thougt of that. Nice thinking.