Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Never throw anything away.

Well here i am again.... another week has passed by, my twin daughters are having the last few days of the school holidays away with my parents.....so i thought i'd tidy up their toy cupboard and throw away all the broken bits and pieces.... how could i throw good stuff away?
Simple answer is, I couldn't..... i used it to create this time-worn heart.
The heart is cut from a sketchbook cover, the ladies face in the centre is the only thing that isn't salvaged from my girls rubbish.
I used clay for that.... rolled out quite thin then stamped into it.
I then assembled all the bits and pieces around it... i used tissue paper with watered down pva over the whole lot .... sprinkled with a tiny amount of nail art caviar that i found in a discarded jar (the jar will be used at a later date i'm sure!)
I painted the whole assemblage with black matte paint...dry brushed with dark brown paint once dry.... then after leaving it over night i gave it a very generous rub-down with original rust.
I hope it no longer looks like a load of kids rubbish.... more like a treasured piece thats been unearthed from a secret hiding place.


See you next week...keep safe. BDx


Jetske said...

You should tidy up more, maybe you will "unearth" more treasures like this! You surely succeeded in making it look like a real treasure!

Gerrina said...

Mooi! What a stunning good way to clean up! Groetjes, Gerrina

petpan said...

Wooowww,that looks very good .like this very much !!!!!

mark gould said...

So creative bd.so many techniques in your arsenal. X

Ineke said...

I realy love this treasure you made. Nice way to clean up.

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

A great alteration!

Saskia said...

Now even household chores can be fun!