Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Dragons secrets

I hope that everyone is having a stress free week.
This old dragon has major renovations happening at her abode.... so i am sorry that i am so late posting today.
I am without electricty in most of the house and have no water either.
These are ATCS that i made a little while ago but never shared here as they all contain 'secrets', but as i have no access to my craftroom, which is at the bottom of my garden, because the old back door has been bricked up and the new one has yet to be cut into the dining room....i'll share these...please forgive me.
Just so you can see what a crazy mess i'm living in....
you can see the blocked up doorway..... the new door way will be where the window with the radiator under it is..... soon i hope.
Thanks for visiting.... please pop back tomorrow for something inspiring from another DT member. BDx


Jetske said...

I love the ATC's, great texts as far as I can read them! These dragons are so adorable!
It seems to me that they are working the wrong way round with your renovation! First make the new door, THEN block the old one works way better! LOL Don't despair, things will be better afterwards!

Ineke said...

This are lovely atc's. Hope the mess will disapear very soon. Good luck with everything.