Sunday, 23 February 2014

Da Vinci with Chalk Paints

Items Used:
The Da Vinci Image Is From Plate 02 Leonardo Da Vinci
The Clocks Are From Plate 46 Time And Space
Decoart's New Chalk Paints

Morning all, Mark here, I have been playing a lot recently with Decoart's new chalk paints, you can see some shabby chic items using the paints on my blog.
I have also been playing around using them in a more traditional crafty way and I have found that the paints stamp absolutely brilliantly.
The Da Vinci piece has been made using a 3"x 5" piece of ply. The back ground was painted with a first with a red chalk paint, then a blue and finally a pumice stone colour and sanded back to reveal the different colours and add some texture, the end result was almost parchment like, the Da Vinci image was stamped with the black chalk paint, and the fleur des lis were stamped with a rusty red. The detail that comes out with the chalk paints is amazing and light colours will stamp clearly over a dark surface,The bottom piece was just me playing around, over a black base I used the red paint using a stamp with a lot of fine detail, I have not found anyhting that has worked this well, in the past I would have to have used an embossing powder to get these results and that would make it very hard to layer images.
Back to the Da Vinci board, I decided to paint around the stamp using a tan brown, the edges were distressed using coffee archival ink and then a very light swipe with some black archival ink.
This really helped the main image pop from the back ground  and make it look like it's a bit of parchment stuck on top of a wooden board.
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Anonymous said...

This is amazing! I love how it looks like you've found one of DaVinci's sketchbooks. Can't wait to see it in person. xx

Ineke said...

Wauw Mark very nice. How did you place the "pin-button"? Very handy. said...

I have loved your paint(chalk) tutorials. I go again next weekend to michaels and Hobby Lobby and I cannot wait to get supplies..thank you for the wonderful inspiration. I love the images you have chosen
susan s

whyducks said...

Fabulous Mark, really great!

mark gould said...

Ineke, what pin it button? x

butterfly said...

Alison x

Jetske said...

Great work!
The Distress paint stamps just as good as this paint, also very fine details. As it happens, we have been working with the Distress paint yesterday. Also on dark surfaces the colours are popping out really well. And when the paint is dry it's not reacting to water anymore. You can use inks and water on top of it without destroying the paint-background.

Karin said...

wow this looks great, love the da vinci stamp!
Groetjes Karin

mark gould said...

That's great to knoaw Jetske x

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...