Friday, 8 May 2015

Real Love Is Forever, Heart

Stamps Used:
The Skeletons are from SW11052
The Phrase 'Real Love Is Forever' is from Halloween 3 Plate 161

Morning all, Mark here and I am sharing a wooden heart today. The heart was painted with Decoart Fluid Acrylics.
The phrase is from my all time favourite movie 'The Crow' and who doesn't love a skeleton ;)
thanks for stopping by xx


Jetske said...

A "lovely" heart! I happen to know that you've got another date for Mother's Day, so it isn't meant to be a Mother's Day present (at least I hope not).
All Dutch visitors can calm down and look at it as a piece of art for someone you love very, very much! LOL

mark gould said...

When is mothers day? It was 15 March for us in the UK x

massofhair said...

Mothers Day in the US is the 2nd Sunday in May...

Beautiful HeArT, ever seen The Crow :-) x

Saskia said...

I really like the depth I see, not sure how you accomplished it. Probably just using the right layering ;)

mark gould said...

I used pure alcohol dropped after I applied watered down layers of acrylics X