Sunday, 16 August 2015

Leather and Lace Card

Stamp Used:

The Lady is from Steampunk 7 Plate SW134

Morning all, Mark here and I have been playing with some leather scraps.
I have had a bag of off cut leather scraps in various colours for a while so I thought I would have a little play and see what happened.
Using a white/cream scrap I sized and cut a piece to fit a media board.
Using Decoart's Decoupage glue the scrap was glued to the board and left to dry. The image was stamped with Stazon ink, I made sure the ink pad was nice and juicy and applied more pressure than I usually would when stamping the image as the leather has its natural texture and a slight give to it's surface.
The image was coloured using Decoart's Media Fluid Acrylics. Using a fine detail brush I used a tiny amount of paint and added lots of water to thin down the intensity of colour and to reduce the opacity of certain colours.
The board was then mounted using some redline tape to a card that had been cover with some Tim Holtz design paper.
Thanks for sopping by x


Candy C said...

Really a neat look on the leather, Mark. Love the colors. Thanks for the step by step and the tip on really watering down the paint to absorb into the leather better. Really a pretty card. Shhh.....I will keep your dirty little secret! I don't consider myself much if a card maker either. But they are fun to do once in a while. šŸ˜Š

whyducks said...

Clever idea

mark gould said...

Thanks Candy. Sorry but watered down to thin the paint and make it more translucent and not so strong a colour. The leather will not absorb so to speak x. Just my bad explaining x ;-)

TangledBlueRose said...

Really awesome. I love the texture of stamping on the leather. The painting is wonderful!

Jetske said...

Very beautiful! This stamp is perfect for stamping on leather, the structure of the leather makes it look more "vintage".
The colours are really good, and mounting your little board on a card has given it a very nice background.