Tuesday, 1 September 2015

1st of September.... TECHNIQUE DAY.

It's the 1st of the month so I, BD, have a technique to share with you.
I love using stamps with clay....
you can make wall hangers, fridge magnets, coasters etc, and these make great gifts....
Christmas is not far away now that we're into September!
You'll need some sort of clay...
deep etched stamps
thick card( i used the board covers off paper pads)
PVA glue
grout (or filler.... i use fix and grout from one of our pound stores)
black paint
metallic wax (the rub-on stuff)
a rolling pin ( or something to roll out your clay)
an old tile or baking sheet ( if your clay requires putting in the oven)
a knife
sanding block or sand paper
small magnets for the backs...if you're making fridge magnets!
 choose your stamp and draw round it onto the thick card/board.... cut out 4.... that makes them nice and thick once glued together.
 Glue them together...allow to dry.
 Make your clay nice and workable.... knead it really well...
roll out fairly thinly.... then place onto your stamp and roll over the stamp with your rolling pin.
 remove stamp and cut around your stamped image...
REMEMBER to wash your stamp fairly quickly so that the clay doesnt dry on it.
 Lay on an old tile or baking sheet to put in the oven....
if you use air-dry clay put them somewhere to dry.
 I dried mine out in the oven
 Mix some of the grout with PVA glue smear it on the dry board shape.
 Stick on your clay image...and add more of the grout mix to the edges.
 Once totally dry, carefully scrape away any excess with a knife...
 .... then sand the edges smooth.
 Paint your clay piece with black paint.... making sure you get into all the tiny detail.
 Once completely dry rub over with metallic wax.... use just one colour or build up depth by using a few.
 This is tipped to the light so you can see the lovely shine it has.
 Stick a magnet to the back and seal with Matte or gloss sealer.

I hope you'll give stamping into clay a go....
its messy and fun... what more could you want?
SUPPLIES USED (from de-stempelwinkel)


ike said...

Eeeeek !! So darn cool :-D I might have a go at some point !! It's a bit too hot here just now for messing with clay !
Great TuT BD - thank you showing us :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ineke said...

This is a very nice tutorial. With great results. Good job.

Saskia said...

Great tutorial, I think I'll give it a try for my Xmas gifts this year!

Jetske said...

Stamping in clay is fun, have done it in the past.
I'm amazed how much detail you can see from Man of the wood, once the gold is applied. Great gifts!