Saturday, 21 November 2015

Drift Wood Doodles

Stamp Used:

The Bee's are from Wings Plate NSPL108

Morning all, Mark here and I have been playing around with some drift wood and the smallest stamp I have.
A little while back a crafty friend of mine (thanks Neil Walker) gave me some bits of drift wood and after seeing the colourful musings of people like Kate Crane I thought I would step out of my style a bit and try something a little different.
I base coated the top face of the wood with some Decoart Tinting Base and then mixed my colours with the Media Fluids to paint my stripes.
Using the two smallest stamps I have I added the Bee's using archival ink and defined the stripes and doodles with a paint pen.
The drift wood was finished of with a coat of Satin Varnish.
Although simple I really enjoyed trying something a little different and I love the way the colours look on the faded out natural colours of the drift wood.
This is definitely something I will try.
Thanks for stopping by xx 

As for the ATC swap, As there are only a few of you I would love to swap with you all and shall get cracking on making a couple more cherubs ;)
Paul,Creepy Globug,Butterfly and Sandy if you could drop me a line ill grab your details xx
Thank you xx


Jetske said...

When you drill a hole in them they can make real nice keyhangers! Maybe they can also be used on a necklace, that depends on how big they are.

mark gould said...

Great idea for a key hanger jetske. X

mark gould said...

Great idea for a key hanger jetske. X

whyducks said...

Nice work

craftytrog said...

Lovely idea Mark! They look fab! Would you like to swap an ATC with me? x

mark gould said...

Of course x