Friday, 27 November 2015

Gustav Klimt Card

Stamps Used:

All The Stamps are from Klimt PlateCP001

Morning all, Mark here and with the holiday season approaching even I am going to need some cards, but I will be keeping it non traditional as always ;)
I have used a couple of mixed media boards, I love this alternative to the standard craft card substrate, it just opens up so many more options for creating and using mediums like paints where normal card will just warp.
I have used Decoart Media Fluids for my back ground and just applied the paint with my finger blending colours as I went along. Using your fingers really allows you to work the paint out really thin so the drying time is almost instant allowing you to work colours quickly  and to get a nice feathered look to the blending.
I love the quirky abstract nature of the Gustav Klimt images and like how the colour brings out the nature of the stamp but the blues add a hint of sadness to the image.
I punched a couple of holes and added eyelets to both media boards and tied them together with a thin piece of leather cord.
The boards have been sealed with Satin Varnish to protect and to bring out the colours. It's all set for the message to be written with a fine white paint pen.
As always a great big Thanks for stopping by xx.


Jetske said...

Beautiful! The background is as colourful as Klimt's artwork usually is.
The embossed swirls are the "finishing touch", especially the one on the back!

Candy C said...

Now this is a cool card! Love the Tando board instead of card stock. Love the colors, the background and your stamping!

Astrid Maclean said...

Fabulous card! LOVE it!

butterfly said...

Just fantastic! Love those gilded touches... an alternative card anyone would be thrilled to receive.
Alison x