Friday, 20 May 2016

Gastdesigner Neil Walker

This project is a mixed media altered small clipboard. (here in the UK they are called bingo boards and they are a lovely size to play around with!)

I will be honest and say that it is almost impossible to give step by step instructions as I've forgotten. The beauty of this kind of project it that you work on it in stages, adding layers and more layers!
The starting point is always raiding your stash box, drawer or in my case, shed lol for all sorts of random bits. This piece has lace, a flat lazer cut cog piece, some air clay embellishments, flowers beads etc. Everything glued in place and left to dry for a couple of days before priming with gesso.
Then I added colour by painting everything green. I didn't like that so I hauled out a selection of acrylic misters and let loose with about 6 colours and water until I was happy. 
Of course it had to dry so another few days passed. When I returned to it I drybrushed some bling over it using Start light metallic paints. 
Everything was looking pretty cool but I needed some focused detail. I stamped and coloured Vlinderman and added him to give a focal point. I stamped and coloured four butterflies. One was added to the main image to add dimension and the others scattered around.
I used the floral corner from Renaissance [plate 36 to add further details .

I have a mini inastax camera and this is a perfect place to display some photo's. And when I get bored I can change them!

Stamps used:


ike said...

Super awesome - I love the texture and those colours are gorgeous :-D xxx

Unknown said...

Just beautiful!

Ineke said...

Oh wauw this is very very nice. Love the colours too.