Thursday, 3 September 2015

Stamp Board Card

Stamp Used:
The head is from Flowers For Buddha NSPL 76
The Flower Pattern is from Microscopic Art Forms PlateSW 89
Morning all, Thanks for stopping by, this morning I am sharing a mini card I made using Stampboard mounted to my card.
I used the small Stampboard squares, they are about an inch square.
They have been painted with Decoart Media Fluids, Hansa Yellow, Pyrrole Orange and Quinacridone Magenta. Each tile was given several coats to really build up the rich colours.
The card was cut to size and given a base coat of Black paint. Once dry my image was stamped with Embossing ink and some vintage gold frontage embossing powder was used.
The squares were glued in place and left to dry and then my image was stamped using Stazon ink.
Using the scrapey tool areas of the stamp were scratched back to reveal the stamp board and adding dimension to the image.
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Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Hi all ...
Today I'm sharing a mirror originally, but I love it even more as a picture frame.

supplies used
gesso 3024-32314
decoart media antiquing cream 
titanium white DMM153-26 and
patina green DMM152-26
decoart media varnish ultra matte DMM24-71 
decoart media crackle glaze clear  766218075437(135466)
decoart acrylic paint inteference turqoise  DMFA105
embossing paste
acrylic spray paint blue and black

I primed the frame with gesso before applying embossing paste either through stencils or just in a layer I pressed embossing folders into; ultra matte varnish was used to seal it. The wooden frame was sprayed with acrylic paint spray blue and black and dried over night.
I wouldn't recommend using the heat gun at this point, otherwise it will turn out like this:

 When finally (well, mostly :-/) dry I painted it with a layer of antiquing cream patina green and a little bit of titanium white and wiped it back. To finish the piece I gave it a light cover with interference paint and cream wax black shimmer.

detail shots:

Thank you ever so much for stopping by today and having a look.

Hugs, Suzanne xx

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

1st of September.... TECHNIQUE DAY.

It's the 1st of the month so I, BD, have a technique to share with you.
I love using stamps with clay....
you can make wall hangers, fridge magnets, coasters etc, and these make great gifts....
Christmas is not far away now that we're into September!
You'll need some sort of clay...
deep etched stamps
thick card( i used the board covers off paper pads)
PVA glue
grout (or filler.... i use fix and grout from one of our pound stores)
black paint
metallic wax (the rub-on stuff)
a rolling pin ( or something to roll out your clay)
an old tile or baking sheet ( if your clay requires putting in the oven)
a knife
sanding block or sand paper
small magnets for the backs...if you're making fridge magnets!
 choose your stamp and draw round it onto the thick card/board.... cut out 4.... that makes them nice and thick once glued together.
 Glue them together...allow to dry.
 Make your clay nice and workable.... knead it really well...
roll out fairly thinly.... then place onto your stamp and roll over the stamp with your rolling pin.
 remove stamp and cut around your stamped image...
REMEMBER to wash your stamp fairly quickly so that the clay doesnt dry on it.
 Lay on an old tile or baking sheet to put in the oven....
if you use air-dry clay put them somewhere to dry.
 I dried mine out in the oven
 Mix some of the grout with PVA glue smear it on the dry board shape.
 Stick on your clay image...and add more of the grout mix to the edges.
 Once totally dry, carefully scrape away any excess with a knife...
 .... then sand the edges smooth.
 Paint your clay piece with black paint.... making sure you get into all the tiny detail.
 Once completely dry rub over with metallic wax.... use just one colour or build up depth by using a few.
 This is tipped to the light so you can see the lovely shine it has.
 Stick a magnet to the back and seal with Matte or gloss sealer.

I hope you'll give stamping into clay a go....
its messy and fun... what more could you want?
SUPPLIES USED (from de-stempelwinkel)

Monday, 31 August 2015


de achtergrond gemaakt met interference acryl verf en een stencil
daarna op een apart stukje het silhouetje gestempeld met archival jet black

dit gemat op zwart en opgeplakt
tekst dream CP G225

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Kaart met interference paint achtergrond

Ik heb de achtergrond gemaakt met behulp van een stencil en interference paint en een sponsje. De vrouw apart gestempeld, ingekleurd met aquarel potloden en uitgeknipt. Met 3D foamtape opgeplakt. De kaart gemat op grijs karton.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Enjoy The Journey, quick step by step

Stamp Used:

The Buddha is from Flowers Of Buddha NSPL 76
Antiquing Cream. DMM153-26

Morning all, Mark here and today I am sharing a quick step by step on making this tag.

I started with a piece of grey board cut to size and embossed it with a Tim Holtz embossing folder.
the back ground was painted and distressed with the Decoart Antiquing Cream.
You can find a tutorial for how to do this HERE.

Some acetate was also cut to fit the tag and the Buddha was stamped with black Stazon ink.

Turn the acetate over and paint the back, I used Decoarts med grey media fluid acrylic.
Just make sure you get good coverage, I applied two coats leaving time for the first coat to dry as if its not you can lift the first coat wen applying the second coat.

The acetate has been attached to the Taf with a couple if eyelets and some black leather was used for the string. 
The Letters on the Tim Holtz word bar have been bought out in white using the Decoart media antiquing cream and this was attached using a mini bull dog clip. 

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If you have some time why not check out our challenge blog, there are prizes for the winner and a new challenge every two weeks.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Brusho Boom

De boom gestempeld met Archival. Deze met de hand een beetje afgeschermd en wat brusho gele oker en gebrande sienna gestrooid. Hierover water gesprayed.

De afbeelding vervolgens lichtjes aquarelleren met dezelfde kleuren brusho.

R14047/177 - Grote boom
BRYELOCHRE - Brusho gele oker
BRSIENNA - Brusho gebrande sienna

I stamped the tree with Archival and masked it off with my hand. With the other hand I sprinkled a bit of yellow ochre and burnt sienna brusho and sprayed water.
The image was then watercoloured with the same brusho colours.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

zomaar een kaartje

deze keer de stempels van Ryn
moon wings UM-M5
spirals and leaves UM-L2

voor de strips Distress paint aanbrengen op een sheet
een beetje water erop spuiten en een kaart erover halen

de spirals stempelen met Adirondack Denim en uitknippen
de vlinder is gestempeld met Archival jet black en ingekleurd met distress paint

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


ends Thursday at midnight.
The challenge is
I love this Quote ...
 I stamped it out using an alphabet .... 
quite time consumming... onto a page taken from the book that I used...I distressed the edges with some distress ink to match the stamped leaves....
 ....the leaves were stamped using distress ink onto pages from the book ...fussy cut.... coloured using a wet brush to drag out the ink colour...
also all of the roses were made from spare pages.... these had a wash of distress ink added once made up.
 I folded the book pages to create an owl and using the same distress ink distressed the page edges just to give the owl a little more definition.
The hessian was coloured to match using distress ink too.
I added pearl beads to the centres of each flower.



I really do hope you'll join us in our challenge.... the possibilities are endless....
you have a couple of days to enter...I hope to see you there.
Thanks for stopping by...BDx

Monday, 24 August 2015

birthday tag

In a couple of days it´s my mother´s birthday so I made her that tag to go along with her presents

Stamps used:

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Art journal kaart.

Met distress paint de achtergrond gemaakt met vingerverven. Toen het nog nat was, met witte gesso de kleur iets laten vervagen. Daarna met brilliance de rondjes gestempeld en met clear geëmbost. Daarna de vlinder met stazon gestempeld. Toen de tekst gestempel en als laatste de woorden met stazon jet black. De randen gesponsd met zwart, gemat op geel en daarna op donkerblauw waar een glitter inzit.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Le Chat Noir Vintage Bottle


Stamps used:
Le Chat Noir is from CP Q525
The Check Pattern is from Diamonds and Decorations Plate CP11
Morning all, Mark here and today I am blogging from the road today as I am away teaching a weekend of crafty classes.
I am sharing a shabby bottle, the bottle has been painted with Decoart chalk finish paints and once dry spritzed with the red Decoart media mister,
I absolutely love the vintage Chat Noir image and it was the perfect size for my bottle. The cat was stamped with black Stazon ink and the check pattern was stamped randomly using the stamp without an acrylic block so only part of the image would stamp..
The detail on the bottle was distressed a little with some fine grade sand paper to reveal the glass.