Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cas Style Hero and Invent Atc's

Stamps Used:
October Crow Alphabet from Halloween 3 plate 161
The two gents are from the Mad Hatters Plate 125
These images are available individually or as part of a set.

Morning and thanks for stopping by, Mark here sharing a couple of CAS Atc's today and they are serving a double purpose as I have been battling the man flue the last few days and have not been up to much crafty wise since the big show at the weekend.
The Atc's have been cut from mount board and painted with Orange acrylic ink, stamped with black archival ink and edged to add some depth also with black archival ink.
To finish them of I gave them a coat of Decoart's Triple Thick gloss glaze.
This along with Jetskes stamps got great responses at the show.
CAS is a style I struggle with as I normally like to work with layers or texture but these are also doubling as my DT piece for Fun With ATC's.
Ill be back with you soon, hopefully feeling more like myself x 
thanks for stopping by x


Jetske said...

Even when you are not "your usual self" you can make beautiful art. I love the shading at the edges, it really gives depth. These images look great on this background. It looks like you added a coat of something as well, they seem to have a transparent layer on top...
Get well soon!

mark gould said...

oops yes, they had a coat of tripple thick, Ill add to the post, men are not designed for flue ;)

Corrie Herriman said...

Well done, Mark. Hope you get better soon ! Corrie x