Tuesday, 12 November 2013

An experiment with the melt pot ;)

Stamps Used:
Both frog and fish stamps are from Plate 33 Animal Skeletons
Also used, Mica Fragments

Welcome back and thank you for stopping by. Mark here and today I have been experimenting with the melt pot As soon as I got this stamp set I wanted to try and do a faux amber fragment,Now first off, who can see the deliberate mistake? ;) 
Anyone? Ok so there is no chance of a fish being trapped in Amber lol,That hit me the moment I finished taking my photo's, Oops;)
Anyway, back to what I did, after a bit of playing around with different inks, Stazon for some reason just melted/dissolved when placed in the melted powder, I did try embossing the image with black powder but of course this melted and did not stay crisp. In the end I used Archival ink and heat set it with the heat gun first. The fragments were then cut to size and placed in the melted powder. I left the Powder melting till it started to discolour to give that amber glow.The fragment was turned a couple of times and then a little extra was drizzled over the top once it had been laid out on my craft mat. A little go with the heat gun to get rid of flat spots and tweezer marks.
Some eyelets were added and the Tim Holtz key chains to finish off.
As always a great big thank you for stopping by. 


Bea said...

Leuk idee Mark!

Gráinne said...

This is simply genius! Adore this ... *want* :-D
Suzanne x

Jetske said...

Great experiment! I don't think frogs could get caught in amber either, but hey, who cares? Artists have got some freedom!
I think you have made very beautiful hangers/keychains or whatever you would want to use them for. This idea can be used in so many ways! Thanks for this inspiring thought!

mark gould said...

Jetske ;)
Frog in amber pic lol

whyducks said...

Great work and idea Mark. Your blonde moment, just passed by this ex blonde until you pointed it out!

Saskia said...

Awesome idea!

DonnaMundinger said...

They look so cool I wouldn't have thought about fish not being aught in amber. (Of course underneath all the red is blonde. LOL) Very cool, Mark! xxD

Redanne said...

Wow Mark, what a fantastic idea - just love the way you used the fragments and the stamps are amazing.

petpan said...

Great idea,Mark!

Nan G said...

Fab idea and they turned out so cool! So you're admitting to having blonde moments, huh?! :)

mark gould said...

Nan g. My life goes from one blind moment to another ;-)

butterfly said...

Genius use of the stamps, Mark - your faux amber is completely brilliant!
Alison x
And yes, I do now wish I had a Melt Pot!

Jools Robertson said...

Brilliant idea! love the stamps