Saturday, 19 April 2014

Playing Around Altering A Bird House

Stamps Used;
The Large Clock Face and the Multi Clock Faced Stamps are from Time And Space Plate 46
The Script, Small Clock Face and Pattern are from Burning Hearts Plate 56

Morning all, Thanks for stopping by, Mark here and I am sharing a little project that is more a play around of ideas and techniques than a fully finished piece, by this I mean if I was to make this again I would do several things slightly differently or do things in a slightly different order to make life easier.
The bird house started life as plain ply wood and was picked up in my local craft store.
I picked up a bag of leather of cuts a little while ago and had been wondering what to do with them and after a little thought I came up with this.
each face was measured and marked out on the leather and the pieces were either sown together with a leather thong or stapled with the tiny attacher.
To tidy up the edges I cut some mount board and using Decoart Traditions acrylic paints, their Texture Sand and some half pearls gave them the rusty finish. I also used the Traditions paints to paint the roof.
The bird house sat like this for a little while as I was unsure on where to go next.
After Demoing the new chalk paints at Ally Pally I got to stamping with the paint on to a leather scrap and liked the results, It stamped clearly, was flexible and adhered really well, I had to scratch really hard for it to come off.I still need to play around a little more with this to see how it sticks to the different types of finish on the leather scraps, the leather on the bird house has more of a sheen to it so now I need to wait for the paint to cure over night and see how it stands up.So far so good.
The stamping on the leather was done using a small acrylic block but for the roof I used the stamp in my hand and just used parts of the image stamped randomly to give some detail.
Just for fun I added the little Art nut to the perch on the front of the bird house, thanks to my fellow DT member Suzanne for sending it to me x

Thank you so much for stopping by xxxx


Saskia said...

Love the sewing and the use of leather!

Jetske said...

Incredible! I love this from top to bottom! Great idea to use leather, beautiful stitching and stapling. You have finished it off perfectly.

Redanne said...

Love how you transformed the bird house, my favourite part is the roof, it actually looks like slate! Love the leather elements too.

butterfly said...

So many cool ideas, and looking forward to seeing more leathery experiments!
Alison x

Ineke said...

This is a nice home for, i hope, nice birdies. Good job.

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

Awesome details

Elly said...

What a cool and exceeding birdhouse. (:o)