Thursday, 3 December 2015

Clean And Simple Gold/Silver Leaf Pen Pot.

Stamps Used:

The Fancy Alphabet is from Love Letters Straight From The Heart NSPL 37
Le Chat Noir is from CP Q525
The Dali Lady is from Dali Plate CP 13
The Circles are from Diamonds And Decorations Plate CP 11

Morning, Mark here and today I am playing with a subject theme that I general struggle with, Clean and Simple.
I hae recently been playing with a little bit of gold leaf and am liking the results so thought I would expand on the back cover of the card in my last post.
I used a plain mdf pen pot holder and painted it black.
I used some stamp n bond with Versa mark ink to apply the gold and silver leaf to the surface.
A coat of satin varnish just lifts the black and finishes the pen pot off.

OK, so the pic below is what happens when you get carried away and forget to add the stamp n bond step to the gold leafing ;)
Just gold leaf over Versa mark ink.
I quite like the ghost effect, the ink just grabbed enough of the gold leaf dust to leave the outline but it wasn't the effect I was going for.
Thanks for stopping by.
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Jetske said...

This is a beautiful pen pot, the gold and silver leaf is great on the black background. Very good that you show what happens when you forget the Stamps n bond. The effect is good when you want something to look worn by time, but for this pot it's better to do it right! :-)))

Aquilla said...

Lovely Mark xXx

butterfly said...

Wow, the gold leafing looks fantastic against the black... I completely love the Chat Noir (an old favourite of mine - I had the poster at university!!). Fab pen pot.
Alison x