Thursday, 19 April 2018

playing with alcohol inks on yupo paper (ghosting)

I really wanted to try out how archival ink can take off the alcohol ink from yupo paper.

I made several Backgrounds and played with this technic. I got the best results when stamping on the Background with archival, counting to 8 and then rubbing off the archival ink.

I find you get the best results on less patterned areas (see Card 2 - the buttefly was completly stamped, but you can only see part of it and Card 3 on a very chromatic part of the card). Nevertheless it was fun and you really should try it.

Have fun playing

                      ghosting effect of the flowers                 Butterfly in the less pattered area

stamps I have used:


Jetske said...

Talking of coincidence.... I just had these cards in my hands, but noticed the ghosting only in card 3, where you can in fact see it.
The other cards are too much filled with details to notice the effect.
I think it works best in bigger areas without patterns.
Lovely cards though!

Ineke said...

Lovely bright color. Nice cards.